Anna Barsukova

Film director, documentarian, musician


My name is Anna Barsukova

This is my personal website and blog. Here I share news about my films, I write articles on various interesting topics, I publish videos and short notes, Well, and, of course, I'm really looking forward to your reaction in the comments!

21 МАРТА 2023 - Анечка Барсукова с камерой - портрет Анна Барсукова
Анна Барсукова

Briefly about our films

My team and I create documentaries on various topics, but more often we choose socially significant. We have three films on different topics in our collection.. All films are open for free viewing. We sincerely want, so that our films benefit people!Therefore, you can use them for educational purposes without asking us for additional permission., however, we will be grateful for mention of our authorship.

Social project!

We view cinema as more than just an art form, in which narrative experiences are enacted or created, but also as an opportunity for viewers to get out of their comfort zone and enter into dialogue with new complex realities.

Humanity and human rights!

Our organization views cinema as an artistic and easily accessible means of disseminating information about human rights violations, which can have a huge impact on the audience.

The meaning of our work in cinema!

Our goal is threefold: educate and increase awareness of social justice issues both nationally, and at the international level; stimulate conversations about civil and human rights, justice and injustice, and inspire innovative and creative approaches to positive social change.