Biography - Anna Barsukova


21 MARCH 2023 - Anechka Barsukova with a camera - portrait

Barsukova Anna Vitalievna

Russian film director, screenwriter, cameraman and musician
(violinist and conductor of a small symphony orchestra),
member of the Union of Cinematographers of Russia,
Member of the Non-Fiction Film and Television Guild.

(maiden name - Sidorenko)
Barsukova Anna (Sidorenko)

Born in the city of Ordzhonikidze in 1981 year (Dnepropetrovsk region, Ukraine). Started playing sports and music from an early age. Repeatedly participated in sports competitions and Olympics in rhythmic gymnastics.

Five years, under the leadership of his father, started learning to play the Russian accordion. IN 10 years, my first solo concert took place as a violinist in my hometown of Ordzhonikidze.

Further, more than once, took first places in regional and regional violin competitions. Awards:

IN 1997 year I entered the Zaporozhye Musical College named after Mayboroda.

Successfully graduated from college with two majors:

  • conductor of a small symphony orchestra
  • orchestra artist – violinist, teacher

Received higher musical education V 2006 year at the Rostov State Conservatory named after Rachmaninoff.
During her student years she led an active creative life.. Participated in numerous cultural events (attended literary evenings, wrote poetry, was a soloist and violinist in various musical groups).

Played with leading composers and musicians of our time. As part of the festival of contemporary music “Rostov Premieres”, the orchestra performed works by Yuri Falik (Saint Petersburg), Roman Ledeneva, Toli-ba-khan Shahidi, Vladimir Tarnopolsky, Alexander Tchaikovsky (Moscow), Gyi Kancheli (Georgia-Belgium), Valentina Silvestrova (Ukraine).

As a member of the student orchestra she played with outstanding musicians: Yuri Bashmet (alt), Sergei Yakovenko (baritone), Sergei Slovachevsky (cello), duet from Germany Tatiana Blome (piano) and Frank Lunte (saxophone).

Performed at concerts as part of a student quartet, performed music by young contemporary composers (Dovleta Anzarokova, Vyacheslav Nozdrachev, Gyuli Kambarovoy).

IN 2015 year entered the Rostov branch of VGIK named after. Gerasimova. A year later I received a diploma with honors in professional retraining – speciality “Directing”.


  • 2016 "Interrupted Path" – short film, feature film
  • 2017 "You are not alone!» – short film, documentary
  • 2019 «Voice for the Voiceless» – short film, documentary
  • 2023 «Fine Line» – full meter, documentary