While. The film “Fine Line” is nominated for an award in Los Angeles - Anna Barsukova

While. The film “Fine Line” is nominated for an award in Los Angeles

In February 2024 California will host its first annual film festival A Royal Chance – ARCFF (Russian. «Королевский шанс»). The film “Fine Line” became an award nominee and was invited to participate and be shown in Los Angeles. The documentary project competition featured works by film artists from around the world..

Poster - film screening in California

Selected nominated and winning films ARCFF 2024 years will be presented to the audience in person, and will also be broadcast on the streaming platform Queen Light (abbreviated – QLTV +), which translates to "Queen of Light".

=Oh festivals=

Film Festival “Royal Chance” is an event with live and virtual screenings, uniting creators, artists, film and television executives and enthusiasts in the heart of Los Angeles!

Time and place:

01 February 2024, 11:00 – 03 February 2024, 11:00
Saban Theater, 8440 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, CALIFORNIA 90211, USA

Film Festival Royal Chance aimed at independent authors. Focuses on a wide range of film content, created by people from different countries. The festival brings together film and television enthusiasts, producers and directors from all over the world, and invites them to enjoy three days of screenings and productive networking.

Organizers hold industry expert discussions, seminars and talks,
designed to ignite and support the deepest interest and understanding of the business of film, television and entertainment. Up-and-coming film industry professionals are creating strong connections within the Hollywood community and beyond through networking opportunities to connect and share resources.

=Site Features=

ARCFF presents carefully selected outreach activities. In addition to educational sessions in the field of cinema, The festival site is open for events, dedicated to mental health. The festival holds various lectures and trainings for the prevention of depression, suicides, detachment and loneliness of some people from society. Organizers and speakers actively encourage listeners to be empathetic and promote empathy for people.

“We recognize the facts of some psychological problems in society, but we don't want to agree with them. We are trying to improve the situation, promoting the use of the hashtag #ListenToHim (Russian. #Listen to Him) on social networks in combination with photographs, comments and stories, encouraging the community to notice those people, who need support and attention. And if you saw such a person, you just need to sit and LISTEN TO HIM", — translation of information from the festival website.