Movie «Fine Line» nominated for a prestigious award - Anna Barsukova

Movie «Fine Line» nominated for a prestigious award

Friends! Our film is nominated for the “For the Good of Peace” award! We ask you to vote for the film and write a comment.🙏


1️ Follow this link: or use QR code (cm. screenshots).

2️ Log in to your account using social networks or register, using mail and ANY phone (they don't check your phone).

3️ Install the software 10 POINTS for morality and professionalism and click the “Submit Score” button

4️ Your vote has been accepted! All that's left is to write a comment. To do this, click “Return to voting” and scroll down the page.

5️ Click the "Add Review" button and write a comment. THANKS A LOT! Share the link with your friends!



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  1. annabarsukova says:

    thank you for your trust!

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