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“Fine Line” (2023)

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➤ Logline: The prosperous village of Sinegorye fell into decay after the collapse of the USSR. However, after 22 year, despairing local residents once again gain hope for a bright future and the revival of the village.
➤ Description: Arriving from a big city to the remote hinterland of the Far North, Oksana gets a job at a nursing home. Gradually she meets the local residents and learns about the difficult fate of the once prosperous village of Sinegorye in the Magadan Region.. Indigenous resident Ruslan invites Oksana to visit the abandoned house of his childhood, airport and other destroyed buildings, to show her what the events of 30 years ago led to. What they saw plunges the film's characters into shock and complete despair.. But, After some time, the situation in the village changes for the better...

◆ Director: Anna Barsukova
◆ Composer: Gyuli Kambarova
◆ Origin: Anna Barsukova, between despair and hope, Sinegorye, to my hand, Magadan.
Ⓒ Anna Barsukova, documentary film “Between Despair and Hope” (ru: "Между отчаянием и надеждой"), 2023Mr.

“Voice for the Voiceless” (2019)

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➤ Logline: Upon learning of your diagnosis, Marina begins to look for answers to her questions. Fearing public disclosure of the diagnosis and condemnation of others, Marina writes all her thoughts in her diary. But one day the secret becomes clear...
➤ Description: Documentary film about a girl with “shameful” diagnosed with HIV.
During difficult periods of life, the parents and close people of the main character are nearby. The girl manages to survive the difficulties of accepting the diagnosis, thanks to family support.
Heroine of the film, overcoming doubts and fears, reveals his diagnosis on camera.

◆ Director: Anna Barsukova
◆ Composer: Gyuli Kambarova
◆ Origin: Anna Barsukova, voice for the voiceless, hiv, speed, voice for the voiceless.
Ⓒ Anna Barsukova, documentary film "Voice for the Voiceless" (ru: Голос за безгласных), 2019Mr.

“You are not alone!” (2017)

➤ Logline: Two unique families are raising each 10 adopted children. Terminally ill patients suddenly began to walk and talk, and teenagers, those who have experienced grief, learned to believe in a bright future again!
➤ Description: The short film is aimed at domestic audiences, in order to attract public attention to the problem of orphanhood. Watching a film helps the viewer not to remain indifferent, change your attitude towards the concepts of “family” and “adoption” and learn not to divide children into “us” and “strangers” .

◆ Director: Anna Barsukova
◆ Composer: Gyuli Kambarova
◆ Origin: Anna Barsukova, you are not alone, family, orphans, adopted children, brick, you are not alone.
Ⓒ Anna Barsukova, documentary film "You are not alone"!» (ru: Ты не один!!), 2017Mr.

“Interrupted path” (2016)

➤ Logline: This is a story about devotion and love. Two teenagers are so into each other, that they don't notice anything around them. But even when trouble happens to a young man, his girlfriend doesn't leave him until his last breath.
➤ Description: Student video work by Anna Barsukova. Short fiction film, participant and winner of many competitions and festivals of debut films. The painting is dedicated to Anna Barsukova’s father – Vitaly Sidorenko (electric and diesel locomotive driver). The four-minute sketch reveals the power of love and loyalty of young people, when even in the most difficult life situation, the heroine of the film does not leave her friend, and supports him until the end…

◆ Director: Anna Barsukova
◆ Composer: Gyuli Kambarova
◆ Origin: Anna Barsukova, interrupted path, teenagers, Love, devotion, broken path.
Ⓒ Anna Barsukova, documentary film "Broken Path" (ru: Прерванный путь), 2016Mr.