India insistently invites you to the red carpet - Anna Barsukova

India insistently invites you to the red carpet

film director Anna Barsukova

= Jaipur International Film Festival (JIFF) =

Movie "Fine Line" once again included in the list of festival competitors in India. This time the film forum is very large and unusual! Jaipur International Film Festival (abbreviated JIFF) will pass with 9 by 13 February 2024 of the year. Starting at 2013 year for 11 years of existence, the festival has managed to break into some of the world's best film competitions. Lots of movies, highly rated at this festival, later, received prestigious awards in other countries, including "Oscar". The credit for the competent selection of films goes to the JIFF selection committee and jury members.

IN 2024 year, the festival received a record number of applications, from which three long lists of nominees from different countries of the world were formed. Currently from 2271 film, received from 62 countries, 255 films from 37 countries became nominees, including movie "Fine Line" (ru: "Между отчаянием и надеждой").

Poster - India Jaipur

Poster – India Jaipur

Since the festival will be held in person, More than one event will be organized for film screenings and meetings with authors. 10 large film venues. The number of people wanting to watch films is increasing every year.. Eg, V 2023 year, the festival managed to gather a huge audience around itself, not to mention 50 000 students, who attended the event in person!

IN 2024 year along with film screenings, International meetings on co-production will be organized, film market, master classes, workshops and celebrity meetings.

In our opinion, cultural rapprochement between countries is progressing. Previously we talked about, that India is committed to cultural exchange with Russia. Read article ↓↓↓

Palace of the Winds

Palace of the Winds

= Screening of the film “Fine Line” in Jaipur=

Main location for film screenings: Inox GT Central, JLN Road, Jaipur

The opening ceremony, Walking the red carpet and awards ceremony will take place on February 9th 2024 V 16:30.

Further – location: Rajasthan International Center-RIC, Main audience, OTS intersection, Jhalana Link Road, Jaipur.

the Red carpet

12-I International meeting of co-productions and distribution of certificates for nominated films 10 February, 15:00 and then an event at RIC (Conference room I, Ground floor Floor). More detailed information is expected from the organizers soon.

Festival Founding Director Hanu Roj:

“This time, the world’s largest competitive film festival has nominated 62 full-length feature films and 26 full-length documentary feature films. These include world premieres, premieres in India and Rajasthan. Besides, viewers will also be able to watch short feature films, animation films, songs, web series and mobile films.”

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